Together we can end child
poverty worldwide.

The Impact of Poverty on Children

22,000 children die
everyday due to poverty

How to help

61 million primary school-age children were not enrolled in school

Take Action

1 billion children around
the world live in poverty

Stop poverty

An Interfaith Guide to End Child Poverty: Inspire. Act. Change.

Religious communities and organizations have unique resources. These include their spiritual values, social capital, and moral assets. By working together in partnership with like-minded organizations, we believe in mobilizing resources to reduce poverty at grassroots and global level.

Latest News

07 April 20

Arigatou International launches Global Campaign to Mobilize Religious Leaders to Respond to the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Children

PRESS RELEASE Tokyo, 7 April 2020 Arigatou International launched today a global campaign titled “Faith in Action for Children” calling on religious leaders and religious communities to increase...

27 March 20

Common questions and answers about the impact of COVID-19 on children

What is the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) on children? The good news is that so far children seem to be resilient to the worst effects of the virus. Studies have so far found that...

10 March 20

Teacher beyond borders

A career choice conversation with most teachers in Kenya ends up with them, regrettably saying they only became teachers after missing out on their desired careers. But that is not the case for...

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