In December 2019, many people did not know or understood what is COVID-19 even though the virus was already affecting China. By January 2020, the virus was Italy and other countries. At this time, most Africans hoped and prayed that the virus would not visit the continent. The fear among many Africans was based on Western Media analysis that the virus will overwhelm Africa because of its poor medical infrastructure. Unfortunately for many Africans, by March 2020, the virus was in Africa and many governments began imposing COVID-19 restrictions ranging from bans on public gatherings, curfews, advisories on working from home, and closing of bars and restaurants. This was a big challenge for many young people who are working within communities to promote peace and counter violent extremism (CVE). Young people could not organize physical meetings with communities. At this time, most communities focused on mitigating the spread of COVID-19. Issues of peacebuilding were relegated to the background.