Thank You

We begin the year by saying - Thank You!

Because of your partnership, your interest, your support and your giving, we have been able to reach and serve thousands of children and their families in the previous year.

Young people in over twenty five (25) countries have received information and care in the form of relevant education, awareness campaigns, peace messages, food donations, school fees sponsorship, voluntary service, interactive games and sports, art therapy, trauma counselling, voluntary savings programs, free medical camps, family visits, as well as spiritual teachings according to their respective faith beliefs.

We believe that, together with you, we’re making a real, lasting and positive difference in the lives children most affected by poverty. We’re reigniting hope and co-creating a brighter future for each of us.

And what’s more, we’re doing all this together with the children and the youth.

Therefore, thank you.

We look forward to another wonderful year and invite you to join us, once again, as we serve towards ending child poverty.

Talk to us and tell us how you'd like to be a part of this future

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