IDEP Impact


In Lebanon the major focus was on Education and its values towards eradicating poverty with special emphasis on the Syrian Children in Lebanon as refugees. In a project titled "Draw your dream school”, the Annas Linnas Association in association with a French organization, Ecole Ici et Maintenant (EIM) visited children in the refugee camp of “Mazraat Djej” in Joun, and children in the school of Bsaba with Lebanese children, and with Syrian and Lebanese kids in the Charity House of Naameh the children displayed their artistic skills through drawings reflecting what their Ideal school would be the objective being fostering a mutual understanding among the children.

An exhibition in the municipality of Bsaba was held alongside other areas as Joun, and Naameh among those invited were parents and local authorities who came to appreciate the drawings done by the children.

lebanon2Additionally, two conferences were held with Mr Ahmad Akoum and Hassan Fawaz as the facilitators key discussions  being Eradication of Poverty and prevention of violence against children, Father Abdo Raad also gave an appreciation  and encouragements to some of  the children who participated by presenting them with   school supplies and material donation.

fr raad2

This exhibition aimed at gathering children from different places,with an aim of raising awareness to the public that:

No matter where the children come from, no matter what their nationality or their religion is, no matter the distance between them; they all want a proper education, they all dream about the same ideal life.. which is nothing but a decent life.

They  all have the right to go to this school,In the same spirit  another Exhibition will be organized involving the Roma children, who will also get to share their artistic skills with other children from Syria and Lebanon.The children also got to do a video recording  Which will be released soon to the public through the social networks.


Date: Monday, 17 October 2016