IDEP Impact



The Global Network of Religions for Children organized an inter-cultural cross border cooperation of educational institutions in Croatia and Serbia. The event took place in Subortica, Serbia between 12th—14th October 2018. The objective was to bring together teachers of primary and high school from the two countries to share their experiences. The activities were organized in partnership with the Nansen Dialogue Centre Osijek, Ministry of Science and Education Serbia, and Ministry of Science and Education Croatia geared towards the commemoration of the international day for the eradication of poverty.

The choice for this activity was influenced by the fact that teach-ers are great multipliers in their communities. Part of the seminar was dedicated to teach participants how to work on social inequality, poverty and other issues concerning discrimination and intercultural competencies. The Teachers were from 4 schools in 2 countries and work with more than 1,200 pupils.

Date: Wednesday, 17 October 2018