The United Nations Report ,Youth Civic Engagement reported that by engaging in civic activities,young people can help create the types of communities that are needed for positive youth development.According to Brennan,the contributions of young people to community development have often been overlooked or underestimated, even though it is known that community and resiliency (the capacity to cope under stress) contribute significantly to the well-being of youth. More simply, strong communities are needed to promote youth resiliency and vice versa. Communities can benefit from youth participation in the identification of problems and solutions relevant to young people and the community as a whole. Collaborative civic action creates connectedness between community members and highlights the importance of young people as civic actors.Research has shown that youth civic engagement can help young people develop the capacity to serve in organizations and eventually transition into community leaders who contribute to the long-term success and sustainability of community development efforts.Furthermore, youth civic engagement can enhance the democratic process by bringing new energy, ideas and perspectives into the community
End Child Poverty fully agrees with the United Nations Report “The perpetuation of the view of young people as instigators of violence rather than as peace builders is unfair, as the majority of young people worldwide espouse the ideals of peace and security This has been evidenced through End Child Poverty’s  regional peace program  in collaboration with the Norwegian Church  that actively engages youths involvement  in policy making decisions in the peace building process through the  Youth Advocacy Network established under their Peace Program – in addressing violent extremism in Conflict and Post conflict countries in Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Mali, Somalia and South Sudan.
Read more of the Youth  Civic engagement report here and support  End Child Poverty in Its campaigns in support of the Youths active involvement in the peace building process by sharing stories of change towards a peaceful world for the children via:




Launched in 2004, the Winter Youth Assembly takes place at the United Nations Headquarters twice a year and gathers the brightest and most active young leaders from across the globe to tackle …

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