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Children’s Solutions Lab 2022 Finalists to Be Announced Soon

First launched in 2020, Children’s Solutions Lab is a process by Arigatou International, which aims to support young people in taking action to address poverty affecting children in their communities, through local solutions based on education. It seeks to promote ethical reflections among children about the root causes of poverty and how some cultural norms can impact the wellbeing of children and, ultimately, lead to child poverty.

“Guiding children to propose ways of overcoming challenges was one of the main focuses during the project, since we believe that providing space for them is the key for them to rethink and feel safe to propose valuable solutions to the challenges.” – Ivana Barac, supporting adult from Sombor Education Center, Serbia.

In this year’s Children’s Solutions Lab (CSL 2022) we welcomed children's groups to submit their proposed project solutions through an open call by Arigatou International, in the months of March and April 2022. As a result, we received over 80 applications from various children's groups in more than 30 countries.

From these applications, 5 of the most promising solutions will be chosen by an international selection committee comprising of youth from Arigatou International’s Global Network of Religions for Children (GNRC), representation from Ashoka, members of our Arigatou International Advisory Group and Directors of our global initiatives. These 5 finalist children’s groups will receive our CSL 2022 small-scale funding support and mentorship towards implementation of their solutions.

Childrens Solutions Lab 2022 3Overall, the Children’s Solutions Lab aims to creates meaningful, participatory spaces and opportunities where children are empowered to lead, develop and implement relevant actions towards addressing poverty, through ethics education. All children’s groups and their supporting partners that participated in the Children’s Solutions Lab process, are encouraged to keep in touch with us, as we explore more opportunities for collaboration, towards alleviating child poverty.

Be on the lookout for the announcement of the CSL 2022 finalists, in the month of June 2022, and check out highlights from the previous Children’s Solutions Lab, here1