“Saada and Suleina are sisters living in a community where child marriages are still practiced. The two sisters are school going teenagers but their parents decide to marry them off, in line with the community’s customs. The marriage plans and procedures are concluded, making Saada and Suleina wives to two men in the community. But that did not last long for Saada, thanks to her relentless will to be educated. She boldly defines her parents and the community, walking away from her marriage to pursue her education. She secures a scholarship guaranteeing her to continue her education away from her home. All this time, Saada has tried convincing her sister Suleina to follow suit but she declines, citing her adherence to community norms.

Saada does not give up on herself, she pursues her education and becomes a nurse. Because she wanted to advocate for the importance of education, she returns home where she is employed in one of the leading community health centers. One of her patients is her sister Suleina, now a mother. Suleina is surprised to find her sister as a nurse at the health centre. Saada passionately attends to her sister, like all of her patients. For Suleina, her under-education has posed many challenges. She can neither read the prescriptions of her medicine, nor can she administer medicine in the right way to her children. She can hardly read or write. Saada hopes her example will show the people in her community, how education can break the chain of poverty and allow girls to follow their dreams”