Sri Lanka

Aimed at providing a platform to ‘Listen to Children,’ Arigatou  International – End Child Poverty Knowledge Centre in collaboration with the Sarvodaya movement in Sri – Lanka provided a platform for creative performances by children related to the challenges they face in their community such as child labour and corporal punishment. The performances included dancing, poetry and music.

These creative performances took place during training programs for preschool teachers on 13th and 17th October 2018, respectively in commemoration of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. The training program, which took place on 13th and 17th October 2018 brought together sixty (60) preschool teachers, who were mainly trained on Early Child Development and child protection; with an overarching message of ‘Listening to Children.’ Keeping in mind that a child’s early experiences and environment are formative for life, hence the need to train the teachers in early childhood development.

Date: Miércoles, 17 Octubre 2018