Discerning the Energy for Change

Right from the start, End Child Poverty was conceived as an initiative that sits in between other formations. We are a strategic operational initiative of Arigatou International with a specific charge to catalyze faith resources and actions to eradicate child poverty. As a standalone initiative with operational autonomy, one aspect of our core capital is the relationships that we can build and in turn the goodwill we can engender among our partners including the GNRC. A key footprint therefore is these relationships, their quality and the goodwill they engender for the mobilization of faith-based resources to fight child poverty.

Over time, we have taken advantage of the GNRC as a key resource and as an opportunity to mobilise a global and grassroots effort to end child poverty. The result, the footprint, a concerted effort to address child poverty is evident in virtually all the members and partners of the GNRC. This footprint extends far and wide through the numerous presences of GNRC members in local, national and international fora.

Another key imprint crucial for our work is a vibrant communications effort. With limited resources, we have launched a multi-media communications initiative with a credible online presence and numerous print publications to support our work. This communications effort has not only helped us get known and cultivate relationships, it has also enabled us to remain accountable and keep our voice in a busy marketplace.

Incredibly we have organised, helped organize or been part of, nearly 150 notable events since our launch. This is in addition to all the house keeping. As a nerve centre for a large multi-faith effort to end child poverty, we have to come to terms with our own spirituality, the need to work from our strengths and remain hopeful.

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