I Lead Peace

I Lead Peace is a campaign by Arigatou International—End Child Poverty that promotes community-led peace actions.

We recognize that the contribution of every person in society is important and necessary, if we are to attain sustainable peace.

I Lead Peace emphasises the development of leadership capacities of faith actors, through mentorship, training and support, for individual and collective peace actions. Faith actors – including children and youth – use locally available resources to lead interfaith dialogue, interfaith cooperation, and foster peace education, in their communities.

I Lead Peace uses media outreach for storytelling and advocacy, as well as gathering and generating information useful to advancing sustainable peace.

Get Involved

You too can lead peace in your family, school, workplace, place of worship, and the wider community. You can join others across several countries who are taking peace actions. Be part of the #ILeadPeace campaign by:


For even more action ideas, use our Interfaith Guide to End Child Poverty

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