India Poverty Solutions

India Poverty Solutions is an innovative initiative driven by children and youth led by Shanti Ashram, aiming to unite communities and find simple yet effective solutions to combat child poverty. The core principle of this initiative is to empower children and youth to lead the way in developing and implementing poverty-alleviation solutions within their communities.


How It Works

India Poverty Solutions offers various solutions to address child poverty, focusing on children’s rights to education, health, participation, food, protection, and well-being. One of these solutions involves children establishing their own traditional savings mechanism known as the “anundiyalor hundi.” Through this system, young people collectively save money over a designated period of time and allocate the funds towards members and various programs aimed at ending poverty. This approach fosters a sense of collective responsibility among families and communities, empowering children and youth to realize their potential and make a positive impact with the resources available to them.

Starting in Coimbatore, India Poverty Solutions has now expanded to other states including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Kerala. Its goal is to mobilize at least 1,000,000 children and youth volunteers from major faith traditions across India, serving as “Poverty Solutions Ambassadors.”

Our Impact

Shanti Ashram, with partnership support from End Child Poverty and other organizations, has succeeded in gaining significant growth and positive impact through the India Poverty Solutions Initiative. It has incorporated many other ideas and volunteers from the broader Shanti Ashram network. The initiative has proven highly effective in empowering boys, girls, families, and religious communities in their fight against poverty and its root causes. Through the dedication and efforts of these young champions, India Poverty Solutions also serves as an inspiration to other young people, to take action.

Poverty Solutions Initiative in Bhutan and Nepal

Through collaborative efforts between Shanti Ashram and End Child Poverty, a learning visit was organized to India for members of GNRC from Nepal, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka. The purpose of this visit was to provide practical experience through field visits and interactions with successful implementers of India Poverty Solutions. Inspired by this visit, the model has now been replicated as Nepal Poverty Solutions by Shanti Sewa Ashram, a member of GNRC Nepal. Similarly, in Bhutan, members of GNRC Bhutan were motivated to initiate Bhutan Poverty Solutions.


Featured Story

Ms. Kalaivani, a then 19-year-old student from India, shared her inspiring story of overcoming poverty through education and the support of Shanti Ashram’s Akkam Revolving Fund, a scholarship of the India Poverty Solutions:

“I joined college and found that my family couldn’t make ends meet. I saw my parents work harder so that my sister and I didn’t feel the burden of poverty. They wanted me to learn and excel.When I was in my 2nd semester, I got to know of Shanti Ashram and the Akkam Revolving Fund from my relatives. I received an initial revolving fund assistance of Rs. 15,000 and to date I have been a beneficiary of the scholarship and all other capacity building activities of the Ashram.Today, I have a job, I have been placed in a multinational company and I am expecting my call letter very soon. I know that I am amongst the lucky few to get such a wonderful family and empowering assistance from a committed organization like Shanti Ashram. I will spread the importance of education to all and one day I will do the role of supporting girls to get educated and live a life of respect and dignity.”
Ms. Kalaivani
A then 19-year-old student, India
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