Grow trees with Children

Grow Trees With Children is a community-level campaign by End Child Poverty, all about growing trees and leading other sustainable practices to protect the earth, while focusing on promoting meaningful children’s participation towards positive climate action. The campaign is symbolic towards honouring each child we work with, as well as reaffirming our commitment towards ending child poverty. Also, by taking part in the tree growing, we are all together contributing to positive climate action.

Why it's important

Children bear the greatest burden of climate change because they are more vulnerable than adults to extreme weather and toxic hazards. Extreme weather events such as cyclones threaten their lives and destroy infrastructure critical to their well-being. Floods compromise water and sanitation facilities, leading to diseases such as cholera to which children are particularly vulnerable. Droughts lead to crop failures and rising food prices, which for the poor mean food insecurity and nutritional deprivations that can have lifelong impacts.

We believe there is a need to take urgent actions towards environmental conservation which in turn contributes to alleviating child poverty. Further, we believe that Effective responses to climate change are imperative to protect the world’s children and fullfill their rights.

Our approach

There is consensus on the potential role of forests and trees in addressing climate change through mitigation and adaptation. While celebrating our 10th anniversary, we carried out the Grow Trees With Children campaign as part of our contribution and commitment to environmental protection. Through this campaign, we aim to mobilise communities to plant over 1 million trees across the world.

Get involved

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