Accelerated Action Towards Agenda 2030: A Call to “Build Back Better’ with African Faith Actors

Five years have passed since the global community through the United Nations adopted 2030 Agenda 2030 for sustainable Development with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development presents the closest the global community has come to a consensus to end extreme poverty, combat inequality and redress the causes of unmitigated negative change in climate. African Faith Leaders engaged the process leading to the Sustainable Development Goals and endorsed the outcome as a blueprint to a fairer, more equitable world where men, women, boys and girls, regardless of creed or origin can experience life free from the adversities of deeply running poverty, injustice, and threats to the environment. We write to you at a critical moment in the global effort to implement and achieve Sustainable Development Goals. We have not lost faith in this possibility and commitment even in the current challenging crisis brought upon us by the global spread of the Corona virus. By the grace of God, we restate our commitment to help achieve the outcomes of sustainable development for our communities across our region and the world.

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