Strengthening Social Cohesion Intra and Inter-Group Relations in Sudan

Trainings on FORB provided the impetus and practical knowledge that would be useful in promoting social cohesion and FoRB through out the project. To this end SSCP facilitated 15 trainings with a robust reach of participants. The implementing partners and their constituencies were trained on how to promote social cohesion, human rights, FoRB, community dialogue facilitation, interfaith dialogue, peacebuilding and advocacy skills. In addition, women and youth from those sites were equipped with entrepreneurship and livelihood skills. These trainings reached a broad base of target groups ranging from faith actors, government representatives, CSOs, men, women, youth, children workers, teachers from Christian and Islamic traditions.

Such trainings were critical in promoting SSCP’s overarching goal of Strengthening Social Cohesion and Intra and Inter-Group Relations in Sudan, as they empowered participants to create social change through carrying out local social cohesion events and creating spaces for building of trust and relationships.

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