Multi-faith Guide, First Pilot Workshop Held in Bosnia and Herzegovinia

The first pilot workshop for the use of the End Child Poverty multi-faith guide was conducted in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina on 4th June 2015. The workshop brought together thirty participants from the Balkan countries – Moldova, Montenegro, Croatia, Romana, Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The event was co-hosted by the Global Network of Religions (GNRC) Bosnia and Herzegovina and The Association for Women in Interreligious Dialogue for Family and Society (MOZAIK).

Participants interacted with specific parts of the guide, giving feedback and critique on the same. In addition, the multi-faith guide draft  was also presented to the Interim Steering Committee of End Child Poverty during their meeting in Sarajevo, on 3rd June 2015.

During discussions facilitated by Rev. Fred Nyabera, Director, End Child Poverty – Arigatou International and Mr. Belall Maudarbux, (former) GNRC Network and Programs Manager, recommendations were given regarding its content and application.

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