Inspire. Act. Change. – An Interfaith Guide to End Child Poverty


“Religious people have often failed to put into practice the deepest insights of their own religious traditions into the dignity of the child” – Rev. Takeyasu Miyamoto, Founding President of Arigatou Foundation, May 10 2002, UN General Assembly.

Faith communities have incredible scope, capacity, tenacity and longevity. We have however identified critical gaps in interfaith efforts to combat child poverty – these include: a knowledge gap on poverty, a lack of a clear focus on child poverty, and the absence of common interfaith tools to fight child poverty.

In response we have produced and launched a comprehensive multifaith guide that brings together into a single resource the various faith traditions thinking and approaches to child poverty. The resource brings together theoretical and practical tools to explain child poverty, the resource is further enriched by blending with contemporary human rights – based aspirations on children and child poverty.

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