‘Results for Children: Securing well being outcomes for Early Childhood High Level Advocacy Meeting

Arigatou International in collaboration with the Moral Imperative to End Extreme Poverty, held a High-Level Advocacy Forum on Investing in Early Childhood Development. The meeting took place in Bali, Indonesia on 10th October 2018, during the annual meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The meeting dubbed: ‘Results for children’ aimed to spur action to secure the wellbeing of children in Early Childhood Development. This is because Investing in early childhood development can deliver dramatic outcomes for the wellbeing of children and adults throughout their life cycle.

Close to 700 million children experience multiple life altering deprivations and face significant relational disharmony and are at risk of life-long harm. Aware of this unfortunate reality, the moral imperative to end extreme poverty called for resolution and action by state and non-state actors and persons of conscience and faith with a view to assuring the wellbeing of all children.

The meeting was held by the Advocacy working Group of the Moral Imperative to End Extreme Poverty. The Moral Imperative to End Extreme Poverty brings together religious and faith-based organizations and the World Bank Group into a broad forum to advance a faith-based action framework to end extreme poverty and realize Sustainable Development Goals.

Here is the Results for Children;Securing the Well-being Outcomes for Early Childhood statement.

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