Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement commemorates its 65th anniversary.

Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement, a member of the GNRC and partner of Arigatou International at large celebrated its 65th anniversary on 7 December 2023, since its establishment in 1958 in Sri Lanka.

The movement, which originated in Sri Lanka, has been at the forefront of promoting social equality and community development. The 65th commemorations were held under the theme: To build a just, sustainable, compassionate social order that fulfills the basic human needs of the community through individual and collective awakening.” 

One of the rallying calls at the commemoration was the Artha Dharma concept a transformational Sarvodaya initiative towards a new Sri Lanka, launched on 4th July 2023, this initiative aims to redefine integrated development actions in the country. Artha Dharma, as a national initiative, brings together various stakeholders from different sectors to collaboratively work towards a new country. It aims to address the root causes of poverty, inequality, and environmental degradation through a holistic and integrated approach.

Over six decades, this Movement has navigated diverse landscapes, encountering various challenges, from different governments and times of war to turbulent moments and natural disasters all shoulder to shoulder with people. It has actively engaged in civil society actions, both within Sri Lanka and on the international stage.

Reflecting on its journey, the Sarvodaya Movement continues to be a source of profound insights, fostering a culture of continuous learning, unlearning, and innovation. Its mission is to empower communities, not only in Sri Lanka but also globally, striving to construct a just, sustainable, and compassionate social order. This vision is centered on meeting the basic human needs of communities through both individual and collective awakening.


The Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement has been a long-standing partner of Arigatou International and the End Child Poverty Initiative in particular. We have partnered with the movement in establishing the physical hub of the Knowledge Centre as well as an SDGs Academy for Children space. These facilities have not only strengthened our partnership with Sarvodaya but also widened the reach of our work in Sri Lanka and the region at large; reaching and impacting thousands of children.

Happy 65th anniversary, Sarvodaya!

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