The South Sudan Childrenʼs Peace Ambassadors

In South Sudan, End Child Poverty partnered with The Umbrella of South Sudan Women Association in Kenya (USSWAK), to commission 42 children from each of the 10 states of South Sudan as Peace Ambassadors.

The Children’s Peace Ambassadors work by equipping children as agents and coworkers in transforming the violent conflict in South Sudan. The programme also seeks to inculcate positive values of citizenship, faith and culture, in the children through the mentor-ship of parents, guardians and other supportive adults.

Blood of Your Child

‘Blood of Your Child” is a three minute video that depicts the South Sudan conflict through the eyes of children. It was produced by Arigatou International with the help of Finn Church Aid South Sudan, Christian Aid South Sudan, The South Sudan Council of Churches and the Umbrella of South Sudan Women Associations in Kenya (USSWAK).

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