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End Child Poverty at a Glance

We mobilise faith-inspired resources to end child poverty, by addressing the spiritual root causes and challenging the structural causes of poverty.

Theological Reflection and Action

End Child Poverty mitigates the spiritual and human root causes of poverty by encouraging theological reflection, prayer and action.

We recognise that in order for our work to be effective, we must move beyond conventional social, political and economic approaches of fighting poverty, and we must be able to address the root of the problem in the human heart, that is—greed, ignorance, hatred and fear.

For this reason, we work with various and diverse faith communities, which have the spiritual resources necessary to meet this need. They are our essential partners in developing sustainable solutions.

Learn more about Our Impact success in engaging in theological reflection, prayer and action.

Inter-faith Advocacy and Lobbying

We use advocacy and lobbying to fight, challenge and correct the structural root causes of poverty. These causes include unequal distribution of resources, poor governance, war and violence.

Advocacy and lobbying involves dialogue with decision-makers and persons with the power to impact policies and practices. This is so that together, we can all consider and prioritise the needs of children. Advocacy and lobbying call for a lot of influence, negotiation and persuasion.

As End Child Poverty, we empower faith communities and their leaders; and we empower children, their families and care-givers to address child poverty through advocacy and lobbying. We support these communities as they positively influence governments, policy makers, institutions and other such stakeholders.

We also help communities to communicate and promote sustainable and wholistic practices that will lessen child poverty.

Through focused campaigns, research and communication based on real evidence, we accomplish great impact.

Learn about Our Impact in advocacy and lobbying and find out more about Our Campaigns.

Grassroots Projects

End Child Poverty undertakes and directly supports effective projects at grassroots level. Our projects are sustainable over the required duration; they have a high potential to reduce poverty; and they can be efficiently modelled and adapted across various situations.

The specific purpose of our projects is to:

  • Enhance quality education and retention children in school, especially children from vulnerable and poor communities.
  • Transform violent conflicts that cause and intensify poverty.
  • Promote income-generating activities for care-givers from low-income families.

Learn more about Our Impact and gains achieved through our grassroots projects.

We build partnerships with individuals, institutions, faith-inspired organizations and communities that are working toward the same goal, so as to successfully implement these projects. We actively seek out and cultivate this mutual cooperation.

We are also excited about working hand-in hand with you, to support and grow the impact of this work. Find out how you can Take Action and be part of transforming a child’s life.

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