About the ACTION Youth Seminar

ACTION is a regional camp that brought together African youth with the aim of connecting and reinforcing the regional ties of the network.

The young REJADH leaders shared knowledge and experiences from each other as well as gained understanding from experts who facilitated various sessions on different topics relevant to REJADH work and youth activism with regard to reducing GBV. The seminar also provided opportunity for experts to discuss synergies with the young leaders and give regional directions towards the advocacy campaign.

Positive Masculinity

Youth members participated in a panel discussion, which provided an opportunity for the young people to share on their understanding of positive masculinity as well as debate on their actions as positive men role models.


The youth were able to gain knowledge and understanding on:

  • What it takes to become a good leader
  • How to influence and follow up decision makers on commitments towards eradication of GBV

The young people recharged their commitment towards ending GBV and were provided with the opportunity to facilitate various sessions. All youth sessions created safe spaces where the young people shared their own experiences and personal stories.

Taking note of the fact that all REJADH members come from conflict and post conflict settings, the organizers noted the importance to bring them together to remind them that whatever they go through, they are not alone and they have friends and support. Gaining confidence enables them to advocate more efficiently, to realize that youth have potential and that their voices matter and must be heard and considered by decision makers. ACTION! reminded REJADH members altogether that alone, they might feel powerless, but together, they can change the world!

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