A word from the Arigatou International, Programs Desk

Advocacy is one of our primary strategies to end child poverty and build a better world for all children. Advocacy gives power and amplifies the voice of the community, so that we can bring about the much needed change in our societies.

By mentoring and supporting REJADH, Arigatou International—End Child Poverty is widening the space for young women and men to take the lead in advocacy towards ending gender based violence, a key driver of child poverty.

In the past year we have mentored REJADH and seen them grow in numbers and strength. The young leaders have gained skills and confidence; and made impressive strides in implementing the Myth of Maputo Campaign.

Moving forward, we invite you to partner with us and help REJADH speak louder, step further and keep championing change.

“Beyond meetings, we need to inject ourselves in the system and act! The first step is to learn, gather knowledge about the topic of interest. Then, it is thinking about ideas, together with others and come up with a common position. The third step is to internalize the knowledge until as activists we think, breathe and leave the topic chosen.” – Carol Kiiru, Kenya Youth Climate Network (KYCN).

“Youth must be very courageous when talking about gender based violence and peace, a leader must motivate, give people hope and offer opportunities to others.” – Moses, Life and Peace Institute

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