Children learning and taking actions towards sustainable development


Just before resuming to their normal school calender after a fairly long holiday, 12 children, drawn from our partners in Kenya were part of the first SDGs Academy residential training; which took place between 20th – 22nd April 2022.

At the Academy, the children aged between 6-9 years gained an understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including the 5P’s of the SDGs – People, Planet, Peace, Prosperity, and partnerships; representing all the areas covered by the 17 SDGs.

“At the SDGs, I learnt about the 5P’s and the 5P’s represents – People, Planet, Peace, Prosperity, Partnerships and so I would other people to learn about them” Joy – 9 years.

Similarly, the children fondly recalled their interactions, friendships and fun activities at the Academy.

‘I liked the web game’, ‘I made friends’, ‘I liked the football game’, ‘I liked building the city’ were some of the happy voices of the children towards the end of the 3-day sessions.

In taking practical actions towards the global goals, the children build a symbolic ‘Sustainable Development’ city with deliberate elements adhering to the rallying call of the SDGs. Building this imaginary city not only bolstered their understanding of the SDGs but also enabled them gain understanding of how they could take simple but impactful actions towards sustainable development.

“It has been a wonderful three days and the children have spent some quality time learning about the 5 P’s , building a city called Sustainable Development with different elements of sustainability” Michael Adikwu; Arigatou International SDGs Academy focal point.

Aside from building the symbolic city, children further planted fruit trees at the Academy’s ground. This, they said was towards actualizing SDG 2 on No hunger as well as SDG 13 on Climate Action.

Appreciating the need for children to learn about Sustainable Development, Zam Obed, an adult accompanier to the children expressed the need for children to gain understanding and take actions on the SDGs as they are the ‘leaders of tomorrow’

“These children are the leaders of tomorrow and we want them to learn about the Sustainable Development Goals so that we have better and strong leaders in future” Zam Obed.

Speaking at the training session, the Director; Arigatou International – End Child Poverty lauded the SDGs Academy as a perfect avenue which enables working with children as opposed to just working for children. Meaningful children participation is Arigatou International’s top priority and the Academy provides such participatory opportunities for children.

“We are committed to work with the children so that they are part of the solutions, part of the ideas that are coming; then the future is bright, and we will be able to achieve the sustainable agenda that we have in mind” Fred Nyabera; Director Arigatou International – End Child Poverty.

In all, the three days enabled build 12 young SDGs ambassadors who would spread the sustainable development message across their peers in the communities. You too can organize events/activities with children on sustainable development; in your community, school, place of worship. Get in touch with us on you can get involved and be part of the SDGs Academy for Children community.

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