Coimbatore Peace Festival 2018 – A platform for Peace Building

“We can draw strength from youth and from their common commitment to the well–being of all.” This is the underlying principle in the oncoming Coimbatore Peace Festival under the theme: ‘Stand up for Peace.’ The Festival is set to take place on 9th August 2018 in Sarojini Nataraj Auditorium, Kikani Higher Secondary School, Coimbatore, India as organized by Shanti Ashram; a partner of Arigatou International – End Child poverty initiative.

The Festival will also offer a vantage opportunity to launch the India Poverty Solutions 2018. In the past, the Director, End Child Poverty has participated in the Coimbatore Peace Festival of 2014. The Festival then took place under the theme: ‘Deepen understanding – Engage Youth, Impact Child Poverty and build Peace’ and brought together over 1458 children and youth from 81 institutions.

India Poverty Solutions is an innovative child and youth – led initiative, that unites communities in finding simple yet effective solutions to alleviate child poverty. The basic premise of India Poverty Solution is that children and youth set up their own savings mechanism which, after a given period of time, the young people collectively gather their savings and allocate these funds towards various programs (solutions) aimed at eradicating poverty. The program currently offers six(6) solutions to child poverty, based on children’s rights: The Right to Education, Right to Health, Right to Participation, Right to Food, Right to Protection and the Right to Development which is an innovative solution that was introduced this year and which seeks to set up child-friendly infrastructure in rural schools.

Launch of the India Poverty Solutions during the festival cements commitment towards implementation of the six solutions which enable children to learn in a better environment, have access to social amenities and thus reduce poverty. Going forward, Arigatou International-End Child Poverty will be able to plan activities in regards to the innovative solution aimed at ending Child Poverty.




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