Commitment to End Violence Against Children – Faith Communities in Action

The World Interfaith Harmony Week, commemorated every first week of February, offers faith communities special time to reflect, dialogue and take action towards advancing wellbeing in our societies. Interfaith Harmony is built on the evidence that different faith communities hold in common good values of love, unity and peace.

This was for instance evident in May 2017 when representatives from various faith communities together with children met in Panama to discuss the wellbeing of children with special attention to Ending Violence Against Children. The meeting was the 5th Forum of the Global Network of Religions for Children, (GNRC).

At the end of the meeting, they unanimously came up with commitments geared towards ending violence against children and child poverty. One of the commitments was: To listen to children with empathy and respect, welcome their wisdom and gifts, and continue to work side-by-side to address violence against them.

You can find the rest of the commitments here.

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