Can I apply for or benefit from the End Child Poverty Scholarship Programme, on behalf of my school or community?

Our End Child Poverty Scholarship Programme is implemented through specific partners. We work with these partners to identify the children and schools that take part in the programme, through a transparent 'merit and needs' basis. We shall soon be providing more information on our scholarship program. We also welcome you to learn more about Our Projects and Our Impact through the Scholarship Programme.

I want to work or volunteer for End Child Poverty. How can I join the End Child Poverty team?

Thank you for your interest, we appreciate you. We are always excited about working with highly motivated and skilled volunteers and staff members.

We welcome you, as an interested volunteer, to please Contact Us and let us hear from you. And we invite you to Take Action through some of the creative ideas suggested by our team and the communities we serve.

We also welcome you to check out our Career Opportunities, for current opening(s) to join our staff team.

I want to support the work of End Child Poverty. What are some of the best ways I can do so?

Thank you, we are glad to hear that and we invite you to Contact Us.

We also have some great ideas on how you can Take Action to end child poverty– find out more, right here on our website.

We are pleased to work with you and other dedicated individuals who share our vision of creating a world free of child poverty.

Our organisation or community wants to partner with End Child Poverty. How do we go about it?

Thank you. We value and appreciate your partnership and we welcome you to Contact Us.

We also have some creative suggestions on how you can Take Action, right here on our website. Check them out and let us work together to create a world free of child poverty.

We are glad to work with you and many other like-minded organisations and communities; for we recognise that no single organisation or intervention can eradicate poverty on its own.

In which countries and regions do you work?

Through our partners; including the Global Network of Religions for Children (GNRC) and other faith-inspired organisations and like-minded partners; we have an international presence and are currently supporting specific grassroots projects in several countries.

Find out more about Where We work.

We also have a global office based in Nairobi-Kenya and welcome you to Contact Us.

Does End Child Poverty provide project grants, funds or endowments?

We are not a funding organisation. However, we may provide small grants and seed-funding to support grassroots projects by faith-communities and partner organisations. These projects aim to address and reduce child poverty. Find out more about our Grassroots Projects.

Does End Child Poverty only work for the benefit children from religious communities or faith-inspired organisations?

No, End Child Poverty works for the benefit of all children, regardless of their faith belief(s) or religious conviction(s). We value each and every child. We value their families, care-givers and communities. In collaboration with our partners, we work to create a world free of poverty for all children. Find out more about Our Identity Statement, Our Vision and Our Mission.

When was End Child Poverty formed?

End Child Poverty was launched by Arigatou International, during the Fourth Forum of the Global Network of Religions for Children (GNRC), held in 2012, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Learn more about Our Story.

What does “All For Children” mean?

As part of the initiatives of Arigatou International, our End Child Poverty Identity Statement is: "All For Children". This means that all our work is for the benefit of all children and it aims to end poverty experienced by children all over the world. Learn more about Our Identity Statement.

What is End Child Poverty?

The Interfaith Initiative to End Child Poverty (End Child Poverty) is a multi-faith, child centered, global initiative of Arigatou International that works to mobilise faith-inspired resources to create a world free of child poverty. We do this by addressing the spiritual and structural root causes of poverty. Learn more about Who We Are.