Global Actions for a World Free of Child Poverty Photo Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in our “Global Actions for a World Free of Child Poverty” photo contest and who voted! Your votes have been counted and we are happy to announce the winners!

Congratulations to Sophie SAFI MAMBO!

760 285 ARI ECP IDEP Photo Contest Winner Graphic v1 r1

Caption submitted with photo: “I am a draftswoman of smiles, as Mother Theresa has said people are more in lack of love than in lack of bread. Poverty for me is a life without reasons to smile. I have dedicated my life to this end, if it is necessary to dance in the rain so that the children find the smile I do it without hesitation. At the place where I am from, you see that violence and war have taken precious things from some children such as parents, family, home etc. So I use my time to restore their hopes, I bring to them the warmth that is in my heart to prove to them that they can be loved and that smile is something that life cannot take away from them, it is more than just a right.”

1st Runner Up

Congratulations to our 1st runner up Isaac Makinya!  

Isaac Makinya 1

Caption submitted with the photo: “This photo was taken during a training camp for young scouts in Machakos County. The camp was attended by boy scouts and girls scouts from different institutions. The objective of the training was to impact useful skills and educate the young people to become responsible citizens who will be useful to their local, national and international communities. It was also to build them physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually and socially and thus contribute to good character. Among the areas of focus were entrepreneurial skills, leadership skills, environmental conservation, health education and self development. The scouts were also guided on how to come up with project ideas and use the locally available materials to implement them. Impacting skills and knowledge to these young people helps them to become self reliant and also be able to deal with situations in their societies. I am a volunteer scout leader and I organise for many such trainings in different schools in Nairobi and this has taken place for 4 years now and from this we have been able to get young men and women who have been able to stand by themselves and have brought solutions to their communities.”


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