Ground Breaking Campaign Platforms

Transforming IDEP -the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty – into an international grassroots platform for advocacy and organizing against child poverty.

Far and away, one of the most enduring imprints of our work has been the transformation of the IDEP- the International Day for Eradicating Poverty – into a global platform focusing on the imperative to end child poverty.

Commemorated every October 17th around the world, IDEP has enabled us to scale up our work and reach and win numerous friends and partners. Over the last three years, we have mounted 3 Global Campaigns during this day, involving more than 40 organizations in more than 25 countries. In majority of instances, campaign activities have been local, involving grassroots organizations and have engaged children as principal actors. Often times the over 200 campaigns have sought and secured the participation of local municipal and other governmental officials.

The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (IDEP), has proved the most successful community mobilization platform for End Child Poverty. To support the campaign, we have developed and shared a simple IDEP toolkit. We also mount an online campaign on social media and our website.

Each years’ activities are organized around a common theme. The theme for 2016 was, Moving from Humiliation and Exclusion to Participation: End All Forms of Poverty”. We estimate that over 150,000 people including children and their parents or caregivers, faith leaders, community leaders and organizers, local officials and teachers have participated in these campaigns.

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