International Day for the Eradication of Poverty at Amani Village of Hope

Amani village of hope founded by Rev. Wachianga, has continued to achieve milestones

through its Child development Programme that was developed on the basis of meeting one of the core duties of the church; caring for the less fortunate, especially the orphaned children,whom the the church seems to have  neglected;The orphans are  welcomed into a loving family and provided with hope and future,the abused and broken are restored,the outcasts are accepted,the lost are saved,the street child is rehabilitated,the widow knows she is not forgotten.During the International day for the eradication of poverty,Amani Village of Hope under the guidance of Rev Wachianga, provided scholarships  to some of the children under their guardianship as  part of End Child Poverty initiative’s efforts to eradicate child poverty. The programme  has presented opportunities for four (4) of the children to join university and twenty two(22) to join high school,equipping them  with knowledge and sustainable solutions to eradicating child poverty locally and globally.

The programme has seen most  of the children under it  progress into responsible members of the society with restored hope and dignity for the future and  compounded approach to eradicating poverty.

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