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Interfaith Initiative to End Child Poverty Takes Off

The commemoration of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, 2013 offered an awesome platform for the formal launch of Arigatou International’s Interfaith Initiative to End Child Poverty (End Child Poverty), in an event held in Nairobi, Kenya.

Speaking at the event, the chief guest, UNICEF Country Representative, Mr. Marcel Rudasigwa, noted that poverty deprived children of their fundamental rights and described its multi-dimensional nature: “I emphasise the need for a joint effort, since child poverty is a complex and multidimensional phenomenon that requires the close and simultaneous involvement of many actors to address it. An integrated approach will also improve the chances that children will survive.”

Rev. Fred Nyabera, Director, Arigatou International—End Child Poverty, stated, “Poverty is indeed the greatest global challenge facing humankind today. It presents an unbearable injustice to those who experience it. Eradicating extreme poverty should be humankind’s primary priority today. No one, and in particular children, should live in poverty.”

He further pointed out that faith-inspired initiatives such as Arigatou International — End Child Poverty, bring unique resources to the fight against child poverty, not least their presence in local communities, passion for good, influence, spirit of volunteerism and the genuine compassion called forth by faith. “It is imperative that such communities are enjoined and form part of the local and global effort against poverty,” he said.

Most importantly, the event provided space for children to actively participate and voice out their needs and priorities.

Since then, we have grown to a global initiative that mobilises faith-inspired resources to eradicate poverty affecting children. We do this through strategies such as addressing the root causes of poverty in the human heart through theological reflection and action; addressing the structural causes of poverty through faith-inspired advocacy and lobbying; and, advancing flagship and replicable grassroots initiatives.

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