Moving from humiliation and exclusion to participation

International Day for the End of Poverty (IDEP) promotes awareness on the need to eradicate poverty worldwide; it is a day of reflection, advocacy and action against poverty. This year, IDEP shall be commemorated on Monday, 17 October 2016. This year’s theme: presents a unique opportunity for Arigatou International, End Child Poverty and many others to draw attention to this problem and to take action to help solve it.

     ‘Moving from humiliation and exclusion to participation: ending poverty in all its forms’.

In 2015, End Child Poverty supported over 80 IDEP campaign activities in 25 countries. You can learn more about the impact through our 2015 IDEP Campaign Activities and 2015/6 Yearbook.

More often than not poverty is looked at only from an economic stand point; however poverty is a multifaceted concept which includes political, economic and social elements.

An estimated 1 billion children live in poverty, globally – that is 1 out of every 2 children in the whole world. This poverty robs children of their future, their health, education, security and overall well-being.

Every effort towards eradicating child poverty, benefits the children in your community, in neighbouring communities and in other countries.

Together, our voice, giving and action are important and valuable for building a better world for children.

 Together we can end child poverty worldwide, join #EndChildPoverty on Facebook and Twitter.

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