Nurturing Children’s Agency in Environmental Sustainability

Creating a better world for children is conserving the environment and ecosystems around us so that they inherit a safe and clean world. While we need to conserve the environment for future generations, it’s imperative to involve them (children) in conservation efforts to enable them to understand the need to and how to keep our ecosystems safe and clean.

On the World Environment Day (June 5) the SDGs Academy for Children, ‘Pioneer hub’ organized a children fun event involving learning the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a treasure hunt and planting vegetables at an urban kitchen garden. The event brought together 14 children at the Academy’s space in Limuru, Kenya.

In line with the Day’s theme – Land restoration, desertification and drought resilience; the children learnt about the need to conserve land to grow healthy and adequate food crops for consumption – thereby fulfilling SDG 2 on zero hunger.

Through fun games in groups, children mentioned and listed food crops while highlighting those that they thought were drought resistant. Among the drought resistant crops children identified were watermelons, hibiscus, oranges, apples among others.

As a practical action towards achieving SDG 2, children collectively planted kales and spinach plantlets in a kitchen garden made of a biodegradable sack filled with soil. Kitchen gardens have been touted as simple and environmentally friendly method of growing food especially in urban areas where farmland is often scarce.

This event was part of a series of global events commemorating the world environment day. The World Environment Day, like other opportunities offer an avenue for us to meaningfully involve children in achieving the SDGs and engaging them in the Agenda 2023 conversation in general.


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