Our Key Result Areas

Theological Reflection and Action

To rout out poverty, we have to go beyond conventional social, economic and political language to address it’s root causes in the human heart and especially greed, ignorance, hatred and fear.

Interfaith Advocacy and Lobbying

We support and engage in interfaith advocacy and lobbying to change deeply rooted causes of child poverty. These causes include; inequitable distribution of resources, corruption, poor governance, violent conflicts and violence against children.

Promoting Flagship and Grassroots Initiatives

We initiate and accompany grassroots initiatives to end child poverty. Prospective projects have to be sustainable, exhibit a high potential to reduce child poverty, and
would normally aim to enhance quality education and retention of vulnerable children in school, transform violent conflicts that exacerbate poverty and promote income generating activities for low income caregivers and families.

Advancing the Knowledge and Evidence Base for Ending Child Poverty

We recognize the overriding strategic need to assemble a knowledge and evidence base against child poverty. For these reasons we helped set up the End Child Poverty Knowledge Centre, where we initiate research, gather and disseminate relevant knowledge, and enhance the capacity of individuals and organisations to address child poverty.

Building Partnerships

We recognize the promise and value of effective networking, collaboratives and partnerships. We need this in order to be effective and work at the various levels of impact, In deed much of our work is only possible within structured relationships with numerous other agencies and actors at these levels. We are therefore working to motivate and mobilise a powerful worldwide movement of care and concern for every child. Our ethos, Together We Can End Child Poverty Worldwide, invites every person and organisation to join up and take action to end child poverty.

Building Our Core Competencies

Leveraging through the GNRC and other Faith Inspired Initiatives. Much of what we are able to achieve is because we can rely on the able offices, support and resourcefulness of our partner network at the GNRC members, other Arigatou Initiatives namely – Prayer and Action and Ethics Education, as well as other faith inspired communities.

The global reach of Arigatou International’s strategic initiatives provides an invaluable platform for our work. To seize the opportunity, we work to mainstream child poverty eradication into all of Arigatou International’s initiatives.


Ending Child Poverty - What We Do

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