Putting Children First…

Image source: Global Coalition

In almost every country worldwide, children are more likely than adults to be living in poverty.*

This wide-spread child poverty is multidimensional in its causes and its consequences for children, their families and the larger society.

The Global Coalition to End Child Poverty, in recognition of this challenge, has recently launched Putting Children First : A Policy Agenda to End Child Poverty.

The policy briefing draws on evidence and the experience of over 20 organisations working together in the Global Coalition to identify the core building blocks which are important to reduce poverty and its impacts on children. Putting Children First also offers evidence and experience to support national discussion on the best policy options for children today and future generations to come.

“To tackle child poverty is to invest to fulfil human potential”, states the briefing.

Putting Children First was launched during today’s International Day of the Eradication of Poverty, whose theme, Moving from Humiliation and Exclusion to Participation: Ending Poverty in All its Forms, resonates with the work of the Global Coalition and Arigatou International. Arigatou International is part of the Global Coalition, together with many other organisations working to build a better world for children.

To view Putting Children First kindly visit our Knowledge Centre.


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