Reducing Gender Based Violence

End Child Poverty is addressing Gender Based Violence and its negative impacts on children with a focus on 5 countries: Burundi, Rwanda, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia and South Sudan.

Our approach lays emphasis on gender based violence as a root driver of child poverty and includes sexual violence towards children, and violence against girls and boys.

Intermediate outcomes for this work include:

  • Increased participation by children (young champions) in advocating for the prevention and end of violence against girls and boys, and GBV as it affects children;
  • Increased collaboration between faith actors and children, in advocating for the rights of children with regard to GBV prevention and elimination;
  • Increased conscientisation on the negative impacts of violence against boys and girls, and GBV and its impacts on children, among targeted communities; Reduced instances of violence against boys and girls in the targeted communities;
  • Higher percentage of government delivery of local services, in relation to preventing and responding to violence against girls and boys, and GBV as it pertains to children; and
  • Improved communication synergies and knowledge sharing between children and youth workers and organizations, related to addressing violence against boys and girls, and the negative impacts of GBV on children
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