Right to Education

“Every child has a right to quality education.”

We seek to increase children’s access to equitable, quality education, for both girls and boys. Our focus is on empowering children affected by poverty and other vulnerabilities such as the COVID-19 pandemic, violent conflicts, forced displacement, and, children who lack parental or guardian care.  Through education, we also promote values and positive character in children, as a way to mitigate poverty in the heart and mind.

To promote this universal children’s Right to Education, End Child Poverty mobilises communities towards the provision of scholarships, including through payment of tuition or school fees for children; supporting teachers and volunteers to provide quality education, including supplementing teachers’ allowances or salaries; and, provision of school supplies such as books, school uniform and nutritious meals for children, through a school-based meals programme. We have mobilised such education solutions through our partners in Bhutan, Kenya, Lebanon, Pakistan, Syria and Sri Lanka.

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