Texas Report Highlights Child Poverty, Racial Inequality

A report released earlier this month reveals some uncomfortable truths about child poverty in Texas. For example while 1 in 4 Texas kids live in poverty— for black and Latino children, it’s 1 in 3.

KERA took a deep dive into the State of Texas Children, produced by the Center for Public Policy Priorities.


There are 7 million children in Texas, which means that nearly one in 10 kids across the U.S. call the Lone Star State home.

According to the census, the Texas population is 44 percent white. This new report shows the child population is 33 percent white.

The census says 39 percent of Texans are Hispanic or Latino. The State of Texas Children says 50 percent of kids are Hispanic or Latino.


Even with identical incomes, black and Hispanic families are much more likely to live in high-poverty neighborhoods than white and Asian families. These are communities with few grocery stores, a lack of quality childcare and high teen pregnancy rates.

Percentage of kids living in high poverty neighborhoods:

National average- 14 percent
Texas- 19 percent
Fort Worth- 26 percent
Dallas- 37 percent.

Read full article by Courtney Collins in KERA News click here.

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