The reality of Child Poverty in the United Kingdom

Chloe Tomlinson, a teacher in the United Kingdom and in her opinion article in the Independent, she gives a view of the face of child poverty in the country. In her own words, she says, “As an inner city-teacher, I see the appalling reality of child poverty after 10 years of austerity”.
Chloe states that an appalling 4.1 million children in the United Kingdom are now living below the breadline but as a teacher, that is not a surprise to her because she witnesses poverty regularly as she interacts with school children.
“Our poorest pupils are hungry because they haven’t had breakfast or tired because it’s hard to sleep in a noisy overcrowded flat. Their trousers might be too short, or their shoes falling apart. There’s damp in their flat, and no money for the gas meter either,” she observes. She further opines that significant levels of shame, sadness and stress come hand in hand with Child Poverty.
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