Use of Media Campaign: Myth of Maputo – Resource Mobilization and Partnerships for Advocacy

Media designates traditional media outlets such as radio, television, newspapers, and magazines, as well as electronic and online media such as e-mail, the Internet, social networking sites and blogs. Media is a powerful force for raising awareness, influencing public opinion and influencing decision-makers and their decisions, and ultimately for changing laws, policies and practices.

Talking on the Oral and visual use of the media in advocacy REJADH South Kivu stated that, their group has been involved in Radio interviews, TV interview, Telephone participation in a free radio interviews, Radio or television programs, including the production of regular programs in local languages, as well as the treatment of the issue on Gender Based Violence (GBV) in soap operas or other popular programs. They also use video recordings which are broadcasted on social networking sites, illustrating how communities have been affected by GBV.

REJADH Mali has also pushed for lobbying meetings with Departmental Representatives and Regional Delegations. There were a number of meetings and the focus was the implementation of the Maputo Protocol. At the same time, REJADH Mali was able to meet with members of the Gender Committee of the National Assembly and also participated in the information meeting on GBV. The work of the group has been focused on lobbying since the country has not adopted the protocol. “We see it as our responsibility to push for the adoption of the Protocol” stated REJADH Mali.

Tweeter is the key platform used by REJADH Somalia to Mobilize Resources and secure Partnerships. Key steps taken to achieve their objectives include: following the target donor account, open notification and tag the donor with their posts regarding their priorities and interests. It is important to REMEMBER that:- different donors have different interests and thematic areas, as such, the group follows their donors #Hashtags. These #Hashtags are then used in their posts. The group also involve the donors in their conversations. Satisfying the donor is very important that is why REJADH Somalia make sure their objectives are clear at the very beginning and at the same time they make sure that their online presence is felt. This might encourage some donors to even send DM for appreciation. The group believes that an active online presence and being creative is a first step in the right direction.

The group concluded that “developing partnership is part of mobilizing resources. And resource mobilization is friend-raising. Be open to your donors. Get to know more staff from their organization. Involve in their work, training and online conversation. Share success stories of your organization and what has worked for you. This will help you get invited for conversation”.

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