Youth Training: Reflections and Action

“I have seen, first-hand, the problems that Gender Based Violence has brought upon children in my community. Children live in constant fear, their education is disrupted, they become withdrawn and unhappy, and sometimes they even become violent towards others as well. This type of life, in a manner of speaking, is a terrible form of child poverty. And we must not let it continue.

NyamburaI’ve also learnt that Gender Based Violence is not a ‘woman’s problem’ or a ‘family issue’. No! Gender Based Violence is a problem that affects all in the society and therefore each one of us has a responsibility to ensure that we stop it. I have learnt that young people have creative ideas and the positive will to do something about it; to prevent and stop GBV. Young people have incredible influence to make positive change happen.

That’s why it’s so important for us, as Arigatou International—End Child Poverty and our partnering communities, to invest in building the knowledge and confidence and leadership capacity of young people. So that young people can be part of the positive change to end Gender Based Violence.”

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